Tips For Taking Kids To Music Events In New York

Your kid always wants to attend music events in New York but you think that this is not the right age for this. This time your kid’s favorite band is coming to the city. This music event cannot be missed. You love attending music events but when you are with your kids, you are not going to get the same experience. You are in a crowded arena with thousands of people. People are screaming. It is difficult to listen to what your kid is saying. It’s your boy’s birthday and tickets for the event are a surprise gift. Here are some tips for attending and enjoying live events in New York with kids. 

Right Age 

The right age for attending an event depends on the type of the event. When it comes to music events, 11 or 12 is the right age. Even when your child loves that band, wait times can be boring. The child may get exhausted. You have to be careful, especially when it is a crowded venue. However, a 12 years old child can understand that he needs to stick with you. 

Ticket Price 

There are some websites providing details of upcoming music events in New York. However, the actual ticket price can be higher than what you see on the website. Moreover, you also have to consider additional expenses such as food and drinks, parking fees and more. Therefore, keep in mind that it is not going to be a cheap event. 

Noise Levels

Music events in New Events are really loud. When you scream at the top of your lungs, you don’t even know how loud it gets. You can’t understand what the person next to you is saying. There are certain ways to cancel noise. You can use squishy earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. However, your child may refuse to wear any kind of ear protection. You must protect your child’s sensitive ears. Therefore, keep something with you to protect your child’s ears. 

People are Crazy and Drunk 

Not everyone gets drunk in a live concert. However, you are going to find a lot of crazy and drunk fans. However, this also depends on the type of event. If you think that there is a risk, find less populated seats in the arena. Grab some nachos and popcorn. Prepare for bad behavior. Find a place from where you can easily find a security person. You may also have to move to some other place. Therefore, you need a plan B. 


Your child may notice a funny-smelling smoke. Is it harmful to your child? People smoke pot. This second-hand smoke does not cause any harm. However, some people also take drugs. Your child may ask what that smoke is. Just say that they are adults doing risky things that can get them arrested. You can also change your place.        

Keep in mind that there can be bad language on the stage and in the crowd as well. Learn more about the type of event and the kind of audience that will be there.