Reasons You Should Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

More often than not, when you find out your dreams may be clogged the very first thing then most of us do to fix this issue is to run to the store and buy a liquid or powder drain cleaner. It feels like one of the most convenient, to run to the store for solutions that you can get. All of these products that you find on the store shelves boast about these chemicals' fast cleaning power. Although true, these chemical dream cleaners come at a great cost to your drainage system. All plumbers across the world and even plumbers in Gold Coast will agree on the following tips.

Here are the five reasons why you should never use chemical ring cleaner in your clogged drains:

a). Can cause damage to your pipes

The caustic chemicals used in liquid and powder dream teens could erode your pipes to the point of creating potential leaks. Increasing your dream is entirely cloth, the chemicals used to sit in the piping system and slowly it away from the pipe as they eat away the blockage. These chemicals would eat away all the pipes made from galvanized steel, Iron pipes, PVC, coppers, and fixtures.

b). They can be dangerously toxic

A majority of the chemical cleaners used both liquid and powder are dangerously toxic. Almost all of these chemical cleaners don't include sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Could cause injury if mishandled and also is very toxic not only to the pipes but also to the one handling them. So, long exposure to the eye can lead to possible vision loss. Or could result in death if you do it inappropriately. The fumes emitting from these products could easily irritate one's eyes and nose. Fumes and residue from these chemicals tend to linger on and can further cause irritation to the skin.

c). A threat to the environment

Columbus knew you would agree that cleaning chemicals can be a hazard to the environment. If they are not recycled properly or cleaned improperly, the leftover cleaning agent could be discarded into landfills. As this happens, the remaining cleaner gets introduced into the water system, which begins to act as a poison to the plants and animals around you. Using these chemicals can be really detrimental to future generations future and an impending threat to the environment in the long run.

d). A hazard to the children

Most green plumbing services have claimed that the chemical drain cleaner is a huge threat to anyone but especially the children. Therefore it may not be worthwhile to bring these agents into your home and display them off to your children. Packaging all these bottles are usually in bright colours that seem very attractive to young children who may be wary of the harmful liquid. Kids tend to gravitate towards anything brightly coloured, touch them, open the container, and even sometimes consume them. This could cause a massive reaction on their skin or could be a deadly cocktail for their system. If ever you use these products, make sure to store them away in hard to access cabinets far from the reach of your curious young children. If you would go another step further, you could just avoid using such items at all.

e). They may not be effective

Lastly, all plumbers, especially those who have plumbing services in Gold Coast, seem to be adamant about this point the most. Sure, your pipes may get damaged from using these cleaning agents, but the cleaning agent will not solve your problems in the long run. Therefore, it is best to get some professional training help such as an expert plumber in Gold Coastrather than investigate and come up with a solution that could further cause damage to your drainage system.

These are the five reasons that you should never use chemical drain cleaners and a better off contacting plumbers near you for drain plumbing services. Contact them today in case you face an issue.