Online Equity and Diversity Training – Making Connecting Easier for Us All

When we do online equity and diversity training, we are taking steps not only to connect with our true selves but also to connect with the unique essence of others. If there is one thing that has become increasingly obvious in 2020 it is that more than ever, we all need and thrive on connection. In the absence of true connection, we battle to cope with life’s challenges. 

Surviving any type of crisis demands that we connect with others that can help us understand and deal with personal or work challenges.  It is important to know that we are not alone in the road we are called to walk at any given moment and that we can learn from the journeys of others.

Whether it is bullying prevention training online or anti-harassment training online we come together to share our perspectives and experiences. 

A big part of connecting with ourselves is being willing to recognize, acknowledge and move through what we are feeling. The psychology of self-acceptance underpins online equity and diversity training and is the gateway to appreciating the importance to affording others the same respect.  

When we have learned to have compassion for ourselves, we become more comfortable and confident within ourselves. In this state we are generally less threatened by others and are more open to onboarding what they experience and perceive. It is a growth process. In growing ourselves, we invariably make more space for others to co-exist without the need to distance ourselves. 

It is through equity and diversity training that we learn to take one step at a time without prejudging situations and people. We begin to strive for what is right for us but not to the detriment of others.  Connecting we come to accept is a daily dynamic process that requires constant attention to the goals that we set ourselves in the areas we want to improve in. We set our sights on striving for gradual change and improvement. 

At the core of bullying prevention training online and anti-harassment training online lies the same message of self-worth enhancement through connecting in the right way with oneself. As we master this main step, we begin to take more steps in our relationships with others to engage with them meaningfully and productively. There is no magic wand that solves interpersonal or intrapersonal issues. Both require committed reflection and hard choices related to the outcomes we seek. 

Online diversity training creates the basis for grasping the key concepts and ideas that support creating a healthy balanced psychological and emotional life.  

As such, when we extend this core training to bullying prevention training online or anti-harassment training online, participants have previously gained many skills and tools to cope and proactively navigate any difficult arising situations. It becomes easier to facilitate learning to support a more sophisticated response to extra complex situations.  

Connecting ensures that we open up. It is only when we are truly open that new possibilities arise. As Paul Hawkens said: “All is connected… no one thing can change by itself.” So, let's make genuine connections a priority.