List of Coolest Things That Apple Watch Can Do Without iPhone

Apple Watch is an ultra-modern piece of technology that works more extensively when tethered with the iPhone. After all, this is how the timepiece can access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to download apps, answer calls, send text messages and notes to the person in the contact list. Simply put, the power of the iPhone and Apple Watch goes hand in hand.

However, if you are wondering that your iWatch does not have its own functionality when not connected with the iPhone, you are obviously a little mistaken. Being the innovative device, iWatch, in coordination with the best Apple Watch straps in Australia, can be beyond your wildest dreams every time.

Fascinated much? Let’s find out what Apple Watch is capable of when you don’t have an iPhone!

  • Timer And Stopwatch, Stay Around The Clock!

Now, this one is too obvious. Happened to be a watch; the foremost thing that it can do with or without an iPhone is to tell time. Expanding a little more, you can put it into use to set a timer and alarm to stay on track in your personal and professional routine. It also includes stopwatch apps to let you accomplish a given task as per your own time frame.

  • Health And Fitness On Your Finger Tips

Tim Bajarin, an American technology columnist, says, “The significant goal of Apple Watch is to make its customers healthier and help reform the healthcare system”. Even the title on Apple’s web page claims, ‘It is an ultimate device for a healthy life.’ 

Fortunately, the device can track your overall health and fitness during a workout without being in alliance with the iPhone. It is because of built-in GPS in Apple Watch Series 2 and later that allows users to obtain the information pertaining to distance and speed when working-out.

Some of the other fitness stuff that the device can track with in-built GPS include heart rate, stairs climbed, steps taken during a walk or run, and stand-sit ratio. To roundup, your elegant timepiece, when blended with a sport loop Apple Watch wristbands, can be a fitness friend, whether or not it is paired with an iPhone.

  • Play Music And Tunes - A Little Entertainment on Wrist

If you are not able to connect your Apple Watch with an iPhone, no matter the reason, you can still have a whale of a time with the stored music playlist. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are best to experience melodious moments. What’s more, is that you can also sync your playlist on the Apple Watch Music app through the Watch app and can enjoy it without the range of iPhone.

  • Feast Your Eyes on Photos

Though the screen of the Apple Watch is not that big to relish the photos, in contrast to the iPhone, you can still view them by syncing one album from the iPhone. The device also allows you to watch 75MB worth of photos from the iCloud Photo Library.

If you are using this functionality to flaunt your favourite pictures to your office colleagues, make sure to buy one of the best Apple Watch 6 bands in Australia. This will help you experience comfortable wearability throughout the office timings, thus double your joy of using your precious timepiece. 

  • Pay With Seconds

Imagine you have forgotten your iPhone at home in a hurry and have to make an urgent payment! Well, Apple Watch alone can be in your rescue. The fact that Apple Wallet gets a unique token for iWatch allows you to use Apple Pay without pairing with an iPhone. All you need to do is to add Apple Pay cards to the timepiece. 

These are some of the coolest things you can do on your iWatch, with or without the iPhone. So, next time when you do not wish to bother coupling an iPhone, do not forget that you can still access the basic and out-of-the-box functionalities on the Apple watch with the right set of knowledge. The only vital thing is to coordinate your precious timepiece with the best Apple Watch straps in Australia for a comfortable and secure wearability.