Inclusive Amenities to Expect While Hiring a Crewed Catamaran Charter

What could be the most luxurious and magnificent experience of your vacations? Think about enjoying some quality moments on a catamaran with a bunch of friends and family members. Unlike hills, vacations spent on sea beaches or in the middle of the ocean are very relaxing. You will always be complemented with moderate weather, interesting seafood, exciting nightlife, and water sport adventures. Things can turn much hotter when you hire a vessel for your holiday trip. We are talking about catamarans featured with luxurious lifestyles. This watercraft can accommodate your entire group with a crew of operators and serving staff. The Caribbean crewed catamaran charters are expensive because of their luxurious ambiance and high quality cream services. Therefore, get complete information regarding their amenities provided in the package. Before going to elaborate on them in detail, let's understand some basic characteristics of a catamaran. 

Basic Characteristics to Consider

  • Check the number of cabins you are getting in a catamaran including the capacity of the berth. Make sure that your entire group can comfortably accommodate it. It is seen that some large size catamarans also have a limited number of cabins and berths. 

  • Consider the year of built-in your list the latest models come with advanced features of comfort and entertainment. 

  • Get complete information regarding the number of crew members going to serve you during the voyage. 

Once you manage to get information, proceed to understand the Caribbean all inclusive sailing expenses and their amenities. We are making a list for your convenience. 

Services to Expect from a Catamaran Charter

  • Complete Information Regarding Meal and Beverages

Holiday is all about enjoying delicious food and drinks of your choice. In the middle of water, you will have no other option than the stock available at catamaran. Make sure that the package includes all meals, snacks and drinks of your expectations. There should be a full stock of bars. Read the terms and conditions regarding bar expenses such as the types of drinks served in the package and their limit.

  • Types of Water Sports Equipment Available

Water sports in the ocean will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. While going on a group vacation in Caribbean, don't forget to have fun as much as you can. With a catamaran, sailing companies provide different types of water sport equipment such as:-

  1. Kayaks

  2. Snorkeling equipment

  3. Kitesurfing

  4. Fishing

  • Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services may vary from package to package. It depends on your invested amount. Therefore, pay attention to the list of hospitality including food serving, laundry, home towels and linens. 

  • Party Arrangements

Along with drinks, what are other party arrangements you will get in the package? Clarify this thing in advance. Some latest models of catamarans are equipped with magnificent lighting and sound systems. Are they available to organize celebration moments any time or there is a fixed schedule. 

Compare the service charges of all options available at Caribbean all-inclusive sailing companies. If possible, get a reference from your contact list.