Easy Ways To Speed Up The Performance Of Apple Watch

Apple Watch, the cutting-edge technology in the modern world is pride and joy for owners. The reason being, it offers plenty of phenomenal features that lets one stay up to the minute. Looking at the ground-breaking success of the gadget on a global scale, Apple never stopped blazing the trail. This being the case, we are now up to the 7th version of watchOS. However, there are still some of the users who are stuck to the oldest version and facing slowdowns and lags in the functioning. 

While the major reason behind the struggle can be slow hardware, it can still upgrade with our top yet easy-breezy secrets. Here’s how you can brush up the wearability of a timepiece in blend with your favorite leather watch bands in Australia.

  • Shut Down The Superfluous Apps

No doubt, Apple Watch is a significant source to relish useful applications. However, downloading ample of them can result in the unsystematic performance of the overall gadget. Thus it is suggested to uninstall some of the apps, especially which are not in use. To do so, press Digital Crown > press and hold the app > tap small ‘X’ > Tap Delete the app.

  • Bring Down The Motion

The continuous movement or animation on the Apple Watch also taper its speed. Although they look nice and let you flaunt a new-fashioned look, reducing the motion is a suitable idea to eliminate the issue. This can be simply done by turning on the ‘Reduce Motion’ feature in Apple Watch settings.

In other words, your elegant device in coordination with the lavish leather Apple Watch band in Australia will function like a whirlwind when the motion is reduced.

  • Restart Apple Watch

There is no denying the fact that iWatch is a beneficial app with a list of personal and professional features but its slow speed can be a challenge, especially in situations of emergency. That’s where you need to restart your watch. Even though it sounds a little crazy, doing so can help to clear RAM and cache which ultimately leads to a boost in speed.

To restart your precious gadget complemented with the Apple Watch leather buckle, all you need to hold on to the side button until the slide to power off appears. Lastly, slide the power button to restart your watch.

Bonus Tips

Below are a few more sure-shot ways to fix your sluggish Apple Watch -

  • Shut down unnecessary apps in Dock

  • Disable the option of Auto app install

  • Turn off the location services

  • Disable background refresh

  • Try keeping your watch up to date

  • Remove Apple music playlists

  • Try to reset all settings

Ready To Make Your Apple Watch Run Faster?

Now since you know all holes-and-corners, just a little bit of maneuver to make your iWatch run fleet-footed sounds like a great idea. After all, who would like to deck-out in a stunning timepiece that runs slow? Therefore, get over your hassles and implement the aforesaid ideas to experience the highly-efficient smartwatch. Make sure to coordinate it with the best leather watch bands in Australia to enhance comfort and style.