5 Amazing Decor Ideas To Update Your Bathroom!

Do you have a bathroom under construction? Or are you thinking of renovating one? If yes, then we have something for you. With the help of several professionals, we have put together the top five bathroom decor ideas that can turn your bathroom from drab to fab! 

Let’s start:

#1 A Combination of Modern And Vintage

Whether in the spirit of old is gold or for the classic look, the traditional furniture and vintage objects have always been popular in bathroom interiors. In the same light, people nowadays are using mid-century style 60-inch double sink vanity. It makes your bathroom look both vintage and modern. And if you add an old mirror in golden hues and some antique accessories, you will have a guaranteed wow effect.

Tip: The 60 inch bathroom double vanity sink by VanityGrace has personalized storage spaces such as custom drawers or modern accessories to accommodate all of your items. 

#2 The Taps Need Special Attention 

You must stop seeing the faucets only as a simple necessity. Instead, consider them as "the jewels" of the bathroom. The variants of these jewels are no longer limited to simple chrome or brushed stainless steel.  One can choose from different colors, styles, and finishes. But pay specific attention to the quality and durability of the product. The trendy colors for this year are - brushed or chrome brass, matt black, copper as well as brushed copper.

Tip: While choosing taps and showers, consider all the other aspects of your bathroom’s interior like wall color, space, tiles etc. 

#3 Focus On Lighting  

Although this subject is not often discussed, proper lighting in your bathroom is a must. It plays both a practical and aesthetic role. So you need to plan the type and amount of lighting in your room.  Each area of ​​the bathroom should have reflective lighting depending on how you use it so that the environment is perfectly suited to your needs and tastes. 

For example:

  • General lighting will allow you to take a shower without tripping; 

  • Wall lighting will be particularly useful near the vanity for makeup;

  • Mood lighting will allow you to highlight your space.

In any bathroom, cooler natural white light bulbs are usually used for vanities and dressing tables since they reflect skin color better. For the rest of the room, warm white lighting is recommended. However, you can combine recessed lights, pendant lights and LED strips, or any other fixture you like. You can use dimmers for more cool effects. Adding dimmers for these different lighting sources will allow you to choose the most appropriate combination for each activity. 

Tip: If your decor is very white, warmer lighting could turn the ambience yellow.  

#4 Employ Unique Storage Ideas 

How to combine elegance with comfort when talking about bathroom storage?

Here are some ideas:

Bet on open spaces: Vanities, cabinets and all other open storage spaces are very trendy. Use colorful baskets or wooden boxes to store your toiletries and voila.

Use the space on the walls:  Wall shelves and open boxes, in addition to visually pleasing, are very useful elements. They add a relief effect to the room. As per the trend - favor wooden shelves and arrange them in an order that matches the interior. 

Open up Space in the Bathing Area: Replace small traditional niches with large open spaces. Make use of slabs to put necessary items as they are compatible with all styles. 

#5 Use Technology To Make Your Bath Smart

Today, we all enjoy using smart gadgets like Alexa. And you want more such technology in our homes to make our life easier. And bath accessory manufacturers have heard our request. They are ready to transform our ordinary bath into a smart bath by offering:

  • A motion-operated faucet to let us leave our hands free.

  • A smart self-cleaning toilet that offers a warm seat in winters and an automatic opening and closing function. 

  • A shower with a digital control valve with which we can control the temperature and the types of jets, put on music and adjust the lighting - with  JUST A CLICK.

Amazing isn’t it? 

Sadly, that’s all we have for you today. But keep an eye on our website to read more such posts. 

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